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      Si and Shorty cut off one ham for themselves and their particular cronies, carried the other ham, with their compliments, to the Colonel, and let the rest be divided up among the regiment.

      The storm now seemed to be rolling toward them at railroad speed. Suddenly the woods became alive with men running back, some with their guns in their hands, many without. Some were white with fear, and silent; some were in a delirium of rage, and yelling curses. Officers, bareheaded, and wildly excited, were waving their swords, and calling regiments and companies by name to halt and rally.

      "Purty big name fer such a leetle bug, ain't it, Perfessor?" observed Si. "Name's big enough for an el'fant er a 'potamus."

      "Be careful!" cried Pen.

      Shorty Thinks si Does Not Look Like a Ghost. 118

      "Our friend here says her tale ain't fit for men's ears," said Blanche flippantly.


      "Where would you go?"


      Don's spirits instantly began to rise. "I feel like a human being again," he said. "Instead of a caged rat."