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      On the 10th of December, 1729, Dubourgay writes in his journal:70 His Prussian majesty can not bear the sight of either the prince or the princess royal. The other day he asked the prince, Kalkstein makes you English, does not he? To which the prince answered, I respect the English, because I know the people there love me. Upon which the king seized him by the collar, struck him fiercely with his cane, and it was only by superior strength that the poor prince escaped worse. There is a general apprehension of something tragical taking place before long.

      "I am so sorry; but you must not be worried about it,"[Pg 156] said Hulbert, kindly, seeing the growing distress in her countenance. "We will not go in for fishingor excursionsbut you and Miss Leland will at least come to afternoon tea on the Vendettato afternoon tea in the harbour. There used to be a comic song when I was a boy'Come and drink tea in the arbour.' You must come to the arbour with an aspirate. It is not so rustic or sentimentalbut there will be no earwigs or creeping things to drop into your tea-cup. Mr. Colfox, you will come, won't you?"

      She heard titled names murmured to her, and saw men bowing and women smiling pleasantly, and it was little wonder that the color began to rise in her ivory face, and her heart to beat rather tumultuously. Lord Blankyre with ready tact drew her away.Capital letter T

      Aving brought you two gentlemen together, Ill go back to the boys, he said. Well, Miss Esmeralda, if I take anything at all, itll be just two fingers.

      "I hope you can spare me some waltzes," he said.CHAPTER IV


      If she is guilty she belongs to justice. But you are too magnanimous to strike an unarmed enemy, above all, a woman.


      "Isola, have you forgotten that you once loved me?"


      "Oh, we had the firelightParker forgot to bring the lamp.""Room enough and to spare," he said. "I shan't feel half so jovial walking up and down those grim old rooms as I feel here. I shall fancy a ghost pacing behind me, clump, clump, clumpa slow, solemn footsteponly the echo of my own tread perhaps; but I shall never know, for I shall be afraid to look round."