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      "No," interrupted Calverley, in an assumed gruffness of tone, and with something more than his usual authoritativeness, "my journey is ended now. The king has recalled that writ of prohibition you were to deliver to the judge. You are to return the writ to me, and proceed with your other dispatches."

      "But can you grow anything on a waste like that?"

      "Well, wot I want to know is why you dudn't tell me all this afore."

      Tyler then retired, but first strictly enjoining, on pain of death, that the bodies of the archbishop and treasurer should not be removed nor interred.

      Bill gasped, and David forgot that he was a man of the world, and sidled against his brother.

      "Did you not know that his crime had shut him out from the aid of religion?"


      "She has beauty, Margaret," answered Edith, "but it is not the beauty of an angelit has too much of pride."


      She cared nothing for Odiam; it was no thought of disloyalty to it and her father, of breaking from her service, which made her mark time in dreams. As the weeks went by she felt more and more the hatefulness of the yoke. She now had a standard of comparison by which to judge Reuben and Odiam. She saw herself and her brothers and her sister more and more as victims. Other farmers' children were not slaves. Other farms did not hang like sucking incubuses on boys' and girls' backs, draining all the youth and joy and sport out of them.It was not long before he had overtures from Captain MacKinnon. The Captain had expected an easy triumph; never since it became a free borough had Rye sent a Tory to Parliament. Now he was surprised and a little alarmed to see signs of definite Tory enterprise, banded under one of the most important and successful farmers in the district. It is true that he had the Bardons on his side, but the Bardons were too gentlemanly to be useful. He would have given much to corrupt Reuben, but Flightshot, which held the only bribe that could have made him so much as turn his head, insisted on keeping pure. He tried to hold his own by appealing to the fishermen and sailors against the agriculturistsbut as these in the past had made little fortunes by smuggling grain, they joined the farmers in demanding a wheat-tax.


      "Good-bye, my Bluebell, farewell to you,"You're tiredyou'd better go to bed," he whispered, and she at once gladly rose and slipped away, though she would not have gone without his suggestion.