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      "Wise again. Best for all of you. Now just hang to the lucre. It comes too late to be of use here; this brave town will have to stand or fall without it. But it's still good for Mobile, and Mobile saved may be New Orleans recovered."What offices can Phanos bestow upon us? he asked.

      From Thessaly.

      Then you ought to have done it, Philopator, shouted the smiths deep voice, and as there was something in Philopators appearance that showed he had never handled an oar, the interruption caused immoderate laughter.LA ROCHE.CHAMPLAIN.DE MONTS.

      "With what a passion of disowned anxiety," he remarked, "had the General, to the last, watched every step, slip and turn in what Steve had once called 'the multifurieuse carreer' of Hilary Kincaid."

      Men were mustered for the work. In name, at least, they were all Huguenots yet now, as before, the staple of the projected colony was unsound,soldiers, paid out of the royal treasury, hired artisans and tradesmen, with a swarm of volunteers from the young Huguenot nobles, whose restless swords had rusted in their scabbards since the peace. The foundation-stone was forgotten. There were no tillers of the soil. Such, indeed, were rare among the Huegonots; for the dull peasants who guided the plough clung with blind tenacity to the ancient faith. Adventurous gentlemen, reckless soldiers, discontented tradesmen, all keen for novelty and heated with dreams of wealth,these were they who would build for their country and their religion an empire beyond the sea.



      Amid the vines, amid the leaves Peer forth the lustrous grapes....


      The commander's smile broadened: "Our battery, ladies and gentlemen, can't go for a week."