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      "Isabella, make no promises," interrupted De Boteler"parley not with such as he." And, striving to calm himself so as to speak dispassionately, he added, turning to the smith, "Walter Turner, you are acquainted with the spot that shelters Stephen Holgrave, and I insist that you instantly reveal it."

      "ThereI knew as there wur reason in you, Pete. You w?an't go and leave your f?ather lik the rest, all fur a hemmed Methody."The next morning, when his lord had released him from attendance, Calverley, little satisfied with the progress of his vengeance, left the castle, and walked on to meditate alone more uninterruptedly on the canker-worm within.

      "I don't ask you to disremember anything. Only let me have supper and a bed, and to-morrow"

      "Of course it's a dreamf?ather ?un't dead, and I ?un't blind, and Ben's picking nuts over at Puddingcake.""I reckoned she would," said Reuben.

      Father John, who, for obvious reasons, had not been forbidden to leave the abbey, was, one evening, in the course of a solitary walk, accosted by the wife of this man.


      "But we've bin drinking chocolate fur a dunnamany years nowyour poor f?ather always liked itand I d?an't see why we should stop it.""And I am freed? and by the bond!" exclaimed the monk.


      All the adventure and excitement he had been through, with no sleep, and eccentric feeding, combined to make him wretched and cast down. Once he cried a little, crouching low under the hedge, and thoroughly ashamed of himself.


      "To be sure I do!"